The Karlin Experience

Working with us is fundamentally different because it is designed to be creative vs. cut-and-paste, results oriented vs. process bound and collaborative vs. transactional. We inform and empower quick decision-making so our partners can achieve results faster. We deliver extraordinary results because we’re willing to go to extraordinary lengths.

Total Workspace
12Global Corporate Campuses
$3BTotal Future Development Value


Karlin has a global presence in reaction to our clients needs. We make strategic investments and acquisitions in commercial, hospitality, multi-family properties around the world, taking a value-add approach.

Austin, TX

5.9 Million SF | 581 Acres

Raleigh, NC

700K SF | 122 Acres

Sacramento, CA

530K SF | 47 Acres

United Kingdom

510K SF | 20 Acres

Sustainability @ Karlin

Karlin is committed to an ongoing focus on environmental sustainability. As our portfolio grows and evolves, we continually strive for ways to reduce our environmental footprint across all of our operations and investments. Karlin’s innovative approach and ability to reimagine and transform physical spaces are the cornerstone to who we are. Embedded within is staying committed to environmental, social and governance standards and best practices.


We deliver extraordinary results because we’re willing to go to extraordinary lengths. Karlin innovates in deep partnership with our clients because we understand how your business model demands it—and we don’t waste time. Reimagining the where and what of your physical environment is a catalyst to transforming the how and why. As your partner, we will get it done.


We sit at the table and stay at the table long past when the deal is signed. Karlin partners with people who know how to get things done. These relationships are built on a foundation of trust, smart decision-making and a commitment to letting solutions-centric thinking drive each project.

“You speak with the principals, and the principals make quick decisions. That's the difference.”

Scott Selig, Associate Vice President for Capital Assets, Duke University

“Karlin is streamlined. They're willing to consider new approaches.”

Nick Hasapes, President at ARCO Design/Build Raleigh

“Karlin’s new build at essentially the same timeline as the retrofit was not something that we typically would have been able to do.”

Bob Froelich, Sr. Engineering Advisor – Project Lead at Eli Lilly

“Karlin has moved the needle in Research Triangle Park (RTP). They're just a terrific group to work with.”

Scott Levitan, President and CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation (RTF)

“Karlin does a deal, it's just Karlin, and that allows them to be more effective and efficient in creating solutions for their clients.”

Dave Greeley, Principal at Team Orbis, Formerly President of Two Oak Ventures (owner of Austin FC, whose training facility is located at Parmer Austin)

“Karlin's discretionary capital structure allowed us to create solutions that are better aligned to the tenants needs.”

Mark Emerick, Senior Vice President at CBRE

“Karlin knows how to get the ball across the goal line. They work to get the right team in place, which I find critical.”

Mark Garawitz, VP of Global Real Estate at LabCorp

“I haven't worked with another developer that has reinvested back into the experience of what they're trying to create the way that Karlin has.”

Taylor Schreiber, CEO at Shattuck Labs

We work fast,
we work hard.

If you want to innovate together, let’s talk.


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