A lot of real estate developers like to do business in a very traditional way, ground lease or master lease, and for Karlin, it’s finding the solution that works for their tenants and their partners. And that’s what we did with Austin FC. Without Matt Schwab’s commitment to finding a solution, Austin FC’s training facilities would not be at Parmer Austin and their entitlement deal with St. David’s would not have happened. 

Karlin is very fluid and flexible in how they can act, because they are well capitalized, and because of the way they’re structured. There is no bureaucracy and their decision-making is different than traditional real estate developers that have institutional investors, that have a consortium of partners in the deal. 

Karlin does a deal, it’s just Karlin, and that allows them to be more effective and efficient in creating solutions for their clients. That enables them to make decisions quickly, allowing them to create better solutions. They were very creative when dealing with Austin FC.

Unequivocally, there is no doubt––given the commitment, the partnership and vision of Karlin––that Austin FC is going to have the best training facility complex and environment in all of Major League Soccer.