Karlin is a leader in the life sciences market. We recognized that the life science market could benefit greatly from a design-build approach rather than the traditional design-bid-build approach. It saves time, costs, and provides better quality and a better product for the customer.

They acquire assets that are really geared towards the life science market and their acquisition approach provides a lot of flexibility to the. Karlin’s buy-in on streamlined process and their lean construction and development allows us collectively move fast. Neither organization is burdened by a heavy bureaucracy that may slow things down and drive inefficiencies, while still being able to deliver the quality and facilities that both of our customers expect.

It’s their lean development, their entrepreneurial mindset, their forward-thinking funding source and an ability to accept the ideas that their development team puts forward.

Karlin is really geared towards a solutions-approach rather than a business-as-usual approach.