Shattuck Labs is a relatively new biotechnology company, founded in 2016 that grew from two to 20 in less than a year.. We quickly outgrew an incubator space and started looking elsewhere for a place where we could grow. 

The first thing that attracted us to the PARMER Innovation Center space that Karlin was developing, was that they had a huge footprint and the vision to create an ecosystem. It wasn’t’ just about bringing companies in close proximity to one another, it’s providing open spaces for the employees of those companies to congregate, and get to know one another, and create a live-work environment. They delivered on that vision.

When folks come to see it, it’s exciting. There’s a huge gym, there’s beautiful space outside, there’s Wi-Fi everywhere. If you want to have meetings inside or outside, you just do what suits you. From a hiring perspective, the promise of that has been a huge benefit. You’re not just cooped up in your office all day like you are in many other places.

In both phases of our build-out, the project has completed exactly on time, with great quality. 

There are many similar developers where the entire process is just about hitting a number on the per square foot contract. Sure, that’s the business these folks are in, that’s important to everybody, but I haven’t worked with another developer that has reinvested back into the experience of what they’re trying to create the way that Karlin has.